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1781 Group courses begin in September.  Check our Courses Page for dates and course descriptions.  We are available for individual sessions immediately.


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I am not going to give the courses fancy names with acronyms and numerical heiarchy.  The below subjects are what I am qualified to teach.  The client training requirements and requisite skillsets will dictate content and progression.


I prefer small groups, and am not afraid of individual instruction.  I don't care if you are a man or woman, if you've never handled a weapon, or if you are a seasoned overseas operative.  The curricula will be tailored to your goals.


The price will be contingent on who you are, and your requirements.  Some customers warrant a bill for only travel and per diem (if applicable).  Law Enforcement gets a significant rate discount.  Federal and state entities will be charged my daily rate, based on student numbers.


I have access to private ranges in the Yorktown, VA area, and a private classroom in York County, VA (although I firmly believe the best didactic occurs on a range, vice staring at a PowerPoint slide).  I can also train at your facility.


I carry professional liability insurance.


Pistol (Fundamental, Sustainment, Continuation)
Carbine (As above)
Individual and Team Tactics (Building, Urban and Rural)
Vehicular Operations and Considerations
Shotgun for home defense
Rifle Designated Marksman (200-600m)
Personal Defense Considerations, Evaluations, and Recommendations (Castle and Mobile)
Personal and group survival and preparation/planning techniques

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